D.A. Soldatov (Dvorkin)

interests: UNIX/Linux kernel, system programming, family, sports, photo, etc.
friends: Sonic, Mulder, Lev, Deen, Starbeast, ...

about Dvorkin
my family photos

Tibbo VSPD (Virtual Serial Port Driver) for Linux
VSPD for Linux manuals
Rude@ managed e-mail hosting solution
Patched Adaptec ADP9410 SAS/SATA driver
QFLOW is my own implementation of NetFlow packet aggregator
rbldnsd mysql data source plugin and patch
'files' DokuWiki plugin

some fun:
courier-authlib vchkpw roaming users and GCC 4.x patch
_dvTPL is my own implementation of FastTemplate PHP library (coded just for fun)
queue manager for Cisco dial-pper interface (TCL IVR 2.0)
Telenet PPTP Linux mini HOWTO
Mastak test (Linux/C/www, coded just for fun)
Open source PHP template gallery (coded just for fun)


D.J. Bernshtein
www.opennet.ru - all about UNIX
tibbo.com - Tibbo Technology (serial to ethernet converters)
www.flightmedia.ru - FlightMedia (web development, hosting)
kansstel.ru - Tver PPPOE/PPTP/IP/VOIP leader

ICQ: 126686638
dvorkin [at] flightmedia [point] ru